Carbon Accounting for Financial Institutions: An open-source approach for taking responsibility for investing

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The foundation of a responsible Financial Institution is to understand the carbon impact of its investments. The carbon accounting of an FI enables it to plan, report, and reflect on its strategy for responsible investing. However, there has been no standard accounting system for carbon or GHGs. Now, through a collaboration with a number of North American values-based banks, an accounting system has been devised. This system enables banks to account for the carbon associated with different asset classes,  based on the size of their investment.

This panel will present the approach, and how banks are using it to create a foundation for responsible investing.

Unconfirmed Panelists

THe following folks are part of this initiative and will likely join:

Erin Kilmer Neel | Executive Director + Chief Impact Officer

Beneficial State Bank


Marilyn Waite, Hewlett Foundation

Ivan Frishberg, VP, Amalgamated Bank

Ryan W. Bjorkquist
Director, Environmental Stewardship
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

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