Facilitated Community-Building and Networking

Building ecosystems from small family farms and renaissance of villages as the part of 10 years UN strategy

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Proceeding from UN strategy the next 10 years were declared the period of small  farmers that aims on reducing poverty and improving global food security. Small family farming, besides of poverty and food control, can also be a key to reaching some global goals: gender equality, good health and well-being, sustainable community growth, partnership for the goals, responsible consumption and production.

In Ukraine 2 years ago we (Ukrmilkinvest company) started a project that stimulates village families to become farmers and enterpreneurs and open small dairy farms. Now  more than 30 faimilies have already opened farms and till 2025 it is planned to exceed 5 000 farms with the ability to scale the project from Ukraine to other developing countries.  On the next step of development, through education and motivation, we stimulate people to build cooperatives and benefit from sharing common resources on whole rural community. Then farmers build around themselves a kind of cluster ecosystem with eco-hotels, craft processing, organic crops growing, etc. To support them on that hard road we make intensive tutorials and designing practical IT application so that to ease them management of farm. All in all farmers are uniting in common values’ community with similar goals, problems, interests.

Each day in Ukraine one village is dissapearing from the map. The project idea is to stop the threatful tendency and keep families firm and happy in their provate households in rural communities.

After coronovirus “earthshake”, basing on Nassim Taleb’s trends’ vision, we expect that people from towns will be more willingful to come back to village understanding that remote work combining with fresh air will give better life 🙂

See you among the future partners and investors of project 🙂


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