Large Workshop Format (*500+ Participants)

Sustainable Portfolio Theory and the Future of Strategic Asset Allocation in Adaptation Finance

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We are inviting fund managers and impact investors to join us in a session to discuss the development of sustainable portfolio theory, based on strategic foresight research and sustainable finance, to use scenario modeling and backcasting and incorporating them in strategic asset allocation to provide financial executives at institutional investors tools and frameworks to be able to move from short-term risk return correlation based models towards long term thinking and investment decision making. We will specifically focus on the issue of financing climate adaptation in emerging markets.

We will present case studies showcasing how institutional investors utilize strategic foresight methods in their strategic asset allocation, to be followed by an interactive case example, where we will invite the participants to build a sustainable portfolio of adaptation impact assets together with us, using the presented Sustainable Portfolio Theory.

The case illustration will further be developed in a second workshop which will then design innovative blended finance instruments best fitting for the suggested impact investment opportunities within the adaptation finance. The session does not require prior information but a background in asset management and institutional investing will be helpful for participants.

Confirmed Panelists

Ville Korpela, Founding Partner, Impact Innovation Institute

Petri Kuusisto, Founding Partner, Impact Innovation Institute


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