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The 1% Pledge and the Eradication of Extreme Poverty

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 One for the World has convinced over 3000 students to take a lifelong giving pledge, even before they have any regular income. We have grown our movement to over 30 leading US schools and are now growing internationally, launching in the UK, Canada and Australia. We can offer a series of insights about the behavior of young people as philanthropists, the marrying of people’s heads and hearts in their giving and the causes that get young people fired up and motivated to take action. We can also describe our ability to recruit, train and manage young volunteers as they persuade thousands of their peers to make a big financial commitment early in their lives.

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in activism, both in the States and abroad. People are worried about the future and want to do something – whether that is marching, fundraising, organizing or changing their lifestyle. This sharp rise in engagement is extremely positive, and is particularly pronounced among young people. However, it has been focussed almost exclusively on ‘new’ issues (such as the #metoo movement, or climate change). Unfortunately, issues that have been around for decades are not attracting the same attention or are seen as intractable. Extreme poverty is just such an issue.The good news is that we know more about how to help those in poverty than at any time in our history. As well as macro trends that have lifted millions out of poverty, organizations such as J-PAL, IPA and GiveWell have identified rigorously tested, astoundingly cost-effective solutions that literally anyone can support. One for the World is a movement of people who are taking this opportunity. We give 1% of our income to the world’s most cost effective charities and make a measurable, meaningful difference to those in extreme poverty every year. For those who want to change the world, it turns out you can start with a tiny donation – and still pursue all the causes you care passionately about at the same time. We recruit members from many of the top schools in the US (Harvard, Penn Law, Wharton, Stanford GSB, Princeton etc.) and ask them to become lifelong effective givers and advocates. As the Executive Director of the movement, which is growing by thousands of people every year, I am perfectly-placed to explain the thinking of our members; and give people a meaningful way to start changing the world.


Confirmed Panelists

Jack Lewars: Executive Director of OFTW-a non-profit organization that encourages people to pledge 1% of their income to the world’s most effective charities. He joined after co-founding a UK social inclusion non-profit and scaling it to have thirty staff across five countries. One for the World is already moving several hundred thousand dollars per year and has well over $1m/year in the pipeline. They are actively using data, analytics, and technology to help determine the efficacy of charities to ultimately change how our generation gives.

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