Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

Early-stage Social Impact Quantification & Analysis – a Model for Practical Application

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As the impact community refines its standards and guidelines for IMM practice, earlier stage applications are often overlooked.  Angel, seed and Series A investors rarely inform their investment decisions with consistent social impact metrics, and for understandable reasons. There are fears of placing undue burden on founders – a sense that IMM is time consuming, expensive and difficult, and a recognition of the reality that earlier stage companies lack primary data for analysis. As a result, impact investments at this stage are often informed by loose, categorical impact affiliations rather than more rigorous, consistent predictive analytics. 
Join us for a conversation about the state of impact measurement & management (IMM) and its implications for early-stage entrepreneurs and investors, and a practical, interactive workshop to begin applying cutting-edge approaches.  Guided by trained experts, you’ll walk away with a clear framework and practical next steps to modeling your own company’s social impact potential.

Confirmed Panelists

Catherine Griffin

Unconfirmed Panelists


TSEF – Lara Metcalf & Liz Luckett

GoodCompany Ventures – Garrett Melby

SustainVC – Tom Balderston, Eric Chapman, Jazmine De Costa

SVC – John Moore



Manik Suri, CEO Therma

Nicole Marquis, CEO HipCityVeg

Jordan Anoma, CEO Antares



Wharton Social Impact Initiative – Sandy Hunt



Sasha Dicter or Lindsay Smalling at 60 Decibels


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