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Turning Impossible into I’m Possible

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Experts estimate that our mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day of which 70% are negative. That’s an average of 3000 thoughts per hour or 50 thoughts a minute. So, the average person is spending every 60 seconds consuming 35 negative thoughts. Sounds crazy- it is. We need to fix this, and we can.

Corrine will show you how our minds work, she calls it the inside out phenomenon, and when you learn how to recognize that your feelings are just own thoughts reflected, brought to life by consciousness; immense positive transformation in your life occurs. Most people will experience what’s known as impostor syndrome as least once in their life.  It is a collection of feelings of inadequacy, which persist despite blatant evidence that the opposite is true. In a high-performing, high-growth environment that most of us live in, we have an inner voice that whispers that you’re not good enough, that you an intellectual fraud. It can be completely paralyzing, even if you know you’re being irrational. But it is easy to change, and Corrine will show you how in this enlightening highly motivating keynote plus live online virtual coaching.

Our thoughts are like playdoh we mold our thoughts and we mold our world.

This keynote will show you that nobody can make you feel what you don’t think and if you change your thoughts you can literally change your world. You will leave knowing that you have talent, you are capable, you belong and how to turn the Impossible into I am Possible.



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Growing up during the apartheid regime in South Africa opened Corrine’s eyes to life without accessible global intelligence and her thirst for knowledge. Her story and philosophy is brilliantly depicted in her highly rated book Wake Up or Die, based on the Art of War by Sun Tzu.


With over 25 years’ experience in data, analytics and technology, Corrine has established a reputation for unparalleled consumer understanding which has leap frogged her into her latest career of a high-performance coach.


Corrine has made millions and lost Millions, she has won numerous entrepreneurial awards, as a serial entrepreneur she has built and sold companies, been a keynote speaker in over 20 countries, mentors start-ups at the world’s number #1 university accelerator in the world and coaches’ billionaires in Asia.


Corrine believes the pendulum of the mind oscillates between intellect and ignorance, not between right and wrong.


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