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Helping social enterprise build partnerships with the corporate sector

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(Note: This session could work well in multiple formats. Based on interest and feedback, we will customize this towards the recommended session format.)

Corporations are setting more and bigger goals to increase environmental sustainability, economic equality, justice, and transparency into their supply and distribution chains. This creates a big market opportunity for social enterprises of all sorts to build revenue-based partnerships with the corporate sector. However, social enterprises, and their teams, are not often fluent with how to best build find, sell, and build partnerships with companies. In this presentation (and/or workshop), we’ll walk social enterprises through the best-practices of:

  1. Identifying the right type of corporate buyer by completing a value-chain map
  2. Launching/optimizing internal sales and partnership-building processes
  3. Delivering customer success and capturing case studies


Confirmed Panelists


Unconfirmed Panelists

Depending on the workshop session style and format, it might make sense to add more panelists. In which case we will look of the following:

  1. Social entrepreneur with a successful case study/example of building a corporate partnership
  2. Corporate representative with case study/example of partnering with a social enterprise
  3. Intermediary organization that has a history of helping create partnerships between social enterprises, corporations, and public sector


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