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Pivoting stakeholder engagement and impact learning to meet the post-pandemic needs.

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A lot has changed in the last few months! From a local health crisis, we have now shifted into global health and economic meltdown. Today, social purpose organizations have a greater challenge to meet. They are implementing new and innovative programs without a cohesive strategy, designed success metrics, allocated resources for measurement, or plan for evaluating effectiveness.

Choices being made right now will shape our society for years – if not decades to come. How can we pivot impact measurement and management to meet the new need for post-pandemic time?

MIWF (a foundation in India), North Capital (a community development organization in Washington D. C. USA), and Food For The Poor (a large International NGO based in the USA and working in Caribbean countries) all are helping communities in need due to COVID-19 by pivoting their resources and learning cycles. 

Learnings why we need to pivot now more than ever,

  1. We need short feedback loops to learn everything we can about the effectiveness of our programs and decisions, apply immediate improvements, and measure again until we reach our desired outcomes. 
  2. We have to connect funders to the organizations working on the ground. Having a common goal and transparent data can build a connected social ecosystem (Funds, Intermediaries, Impact managers, Social enterprises, Non-profits) that can bring a systemic change.

Only then will we be able to allow grantees to try their innovative ideas, validate their hypotheses, and learn fast to make impactful adjustments to their programs. 

This will be an interactive discussion between all these organizations and Sopact.

Confirmed Panelists

Unmesh Sheth, Founder, and CEO of Sopact


Unconfirmed Panelists

Charon Ellis, Executive Director at North Capital Collaborative

Astrid Cortes, M&E Manager at Food For The Poor

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