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EASY-AIR(electric filter)

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talk about my new technology that can help fight CORONA VIRUS



gal nahum



this is only my apotheosis about the subject of CORONA VIRUS and how to fight it

this is to look at CORONA VIRUS differently

theres is a new technology to dill with CORONA VIRUS


we  r the top of the food chain and i dont think another vaccine till next time we need a solution and i have it

by turning over the current around of DC current (not AC current from wall) nature current in lightning, bolts with much much more current around 15000v per lightning or more and taking the opposite current to do what i want using +DC current and -DC current on different plats 1 on top of each and in space i created a force filed that when the AIR is vented through it capture the + and – of CORONA VIRUS CELLS and the + electric life goes to + DC current and the other  electric life – side of electric life -DC current  tare it apart and KILL CORONA VIRUS

we have the technology to KILL CORONA VIRUS till theres non

and there another function the turn over current is on a copper wires in my EASY AIR and the wined vented on it create it to produce -ions since im using only -DC current nature water and win make a spark which create -ions at water falls but back to my EASY-AIR the DC current on the wire is like a spark and it make also -ions so im only tricking nature to produce -ions by the billions 24/7 all the time so the -ions hunt CORONA VIRUS attaching to CORONA VIRUS remember i stopped the +DC current in my EASY-AIR so + current attract – current so ones -ions attach to CORONA VIRUS and be attracted back to my EASY-AIR and the CORONA VIRUS torn apart and DIE

it all came to me by surprise by learning how nature acts when i give a shuck of electricity and since its nature current DC they all do the same frizz when u put DC current through CORONA VIRUS it frizz in place and they do not move, reproduce, eat and ready to be picked up by the billions of -ions 24/7 and they have millions of CORONA VIRUS who do u think will win

u can go to


see it at work


this is a new technology and since it dont give meds there’s no side affects to it and since the DC current around its conducted in the AIR  0.02v no effects on us (humans) and this is a weapon against CORONA VIRUS  in the first hour of my EASY-AIR working

i have so many ideas about it i think we should talk about it

gal nahum





Confirmed Panelists

gal nahum high electric engineer and study how nature react to electricity since is nature by it self

Unconfirmed Panelists

high electric engineering for 23 years, inventor

%100 disable american veteran for 27 years from DS war

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