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The current landscape of banking, it’s impact on climate change, and new ways to transition the economy off of fossil fuels

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The world’s largest pools of capital lag far behind social and environmental initiatives and dramatically dampen the potential for any permanent progress towards a clean and just economy. Banks, in particular, continue to feed the current system by providing low cost capital to industries that directly fund socially and environmentally destructive change, utilizing out-dated risk models and managing to short-term profitability metrics imposed by secondary markets.

Banking today needs to support the sustainable development of local and global economies towards a fair, just and transformed economy. Banks need to develop unique capital and technological solutions to help accelerate our necessary transition off of fossil fuels rather than keep us in a 1950s mindset. Customers need to align with banks and companies engaged in this transition to establish a clear market signal for others to follow.

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Ravi Mikkelsen, Pete Hellwig

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