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Testing Great Leadership: What 2020 Taught Us About Success & Opportunity

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When COVID hit, many businesses and leaders alike were forced to pivot and adapt their business models in a hurry. What used to take years to accomplish became months, months became weeks and we’ve been running a very fast race. However, with every crisis there’s ample opportunity to learn, grow, reinvent ourselves, and take stock of our business model. What happens when great leadership is put to the test?

Leadership in today’s climate is difficult and requires bold moves and purposeful decision making. Executive leadership can be isolating and challenges can seem unsurmountable — regardless of the size of the organization. In difficult times, it is critical to have a community that focuses on leading with integrity and transparency.  It’s about coming back to the values that create a great impact on our business.

This panel discussion will gear towards taking stock at some of the lessons learned and the successes achieved (no matter how small) in a time of upheaval and uncertainty.  How were we able to pivot in order to scale for growth? How do we build a trusted community to guide us through uncertainty to drive and thrive? What is most important for executives to deliver on success?

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Tricia Benn — Facilitator/Moderator

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