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What it’s actually like to run an equity crowdfunding campaign

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In 2019, Maxeme Tuchman, the Founder and CEO of Caribu, became the first Latinx founder to raise $1 million through equity crowdfunding, since Title III of the JOBS Act was rolled out in May 2016. In this session, she will share how she did it, and what the experience was like. Jonny Price is the Director of Fundraising at Wefunder, the platform on which she raised capital, and he will be interviewing Maxeme.

Pending regulatory reforms, and the detrimental impact of COVID-19 on conventional funding sources, have spurred significant growth in Regulation Crowdfunding investment volume over the last few months. In this session, learn more about the concept of equity crowdfunding, and the advantages and disadvantages that it presents for founders looking to raise capital.

Confirmed Panelists

Jonny Price, Director of Fundraising, Wefunder:

Maxeme Tuchman, Founder and CEO, Caribu:

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    1. Andrew, this panel will be a great opportunity to hear from two individuals who have first-hand experience with investment crowdfunding.

      If you are looking for education and training on the entire crowdfunding ecosystem – from Donation to Investment (& everything in between). Feel free to contact us at Crowdfund Better for more information!

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