Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

Syntropic Enterprise – building new models, new maps, new mindsets for a world with a future

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Don’t try to change the existing system. Build new models that make the existing system obsolete. So said R.Buckminster Fuller. Syntropy, the opposite of entropy, means towards a higher order for an eternally regenerative Universe. A Syntropic Enterprise leaves everything better. We examine all the sacred cows of our current system. Legal, governance, enterprise design, all-in-accounting, synergistic accounting, the leader as steward, how to enable self managed teams, finance, capital flow, provisioning. Rather than try to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, Syntropic Enterprise is building new boats, and we do this by applying the laws inherent in nature to enterprise design and human co-ordination.

In this interactive session we will explore some of the foundations of what is required to become a Syntropic Enterprise. Always practical, tested by nature for billions of years and in some enterprises over the last 40 years.

If we want a world with a future then we need new models, new maps, new mindsets.

Confirmed Panelists

Facilitator, Christine McDougall, 34 year applied student of the work of Buckminster Fuller

It all began with this…

In 2019 Christine McDougall was fed up. Fed up with morally bankrupt leaders and broken systems – so she started a movement that would strive to leave everything touched, better. This idea, this evolution, this belief …became Syntropic Enterprise.

It’s a new take on business. Business that celebrates those thinking with tomorrow in mind..the 100 year plan.

Syntropic Enterprise is creating a world with a future. A world where integrity, values and human connection are driven through considered positive productivity for the Earth. It’s this mindset that leads to success and leaves a lasting legacy.

A world with the future of the Universe considered. And not smirked at.

For over 20 years, Christine McDougall has committed herself to working with leaders and enterprises globally to invoke change. She experiences a deeper level of truth by questioning the basic assumptions that drive us as humans. At the core of her work is the mantra…leave everything you touch, better.

The opposite of evil is indifference, so if not you, then who?

It’s business, reimagined.

Christine is an internationally recognised facilitator, practitioner, teacher coach, and authority in integrative systems design, human relational design, the development of the leader as steward and regenerative enterprise design. She has held large multi-stakeholder initiatives towards a better future or all, managing diversity, complexity and various stages of human development.

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