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Housing as healthcare, homeschool, and site for workforce transformation.

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A curated discussion on how affordable housing is central to health, education and work, and how the places we call home can evolve to deliver transformational results in each of these sectors.

With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, housing has become, at least on a temporary basis, not just a place to sleep at night, but also a school, office, child and elder care, and virtual doctor’s office.

The pandemic has also exposed the challenges and limitations vulnerable populations face in effectively accessing healthcare, education for their children, and job opportunities.

Today many low- and moderate-income households, even in cities, do not have useful internet access in their homes.  In the past, these families have relied upon libraries or the business center of their apartment complex to go online. With these facilities closed, how can we expect those parents to file for unemployment benefits, and how can their children participate in and keep up with schoolwork. As part of this discussion we will explore how businesses and public institutions are closing this digital divide.

Also today, many essential services that could be delivered remotely, if our communities had a sufficient digital infrastructure, are often still required to be accessed in person at difficult to reach locations at specified hours.  Those requirements leave hourly wage workers and those with child- and elder-care responsibilities without access.  However, that is changing as forward-looking health providers and institutions focused on workforce development are increasingly finding ways to make their services available where they can be most impactful – the home.  As part of this discussion, we will talk with innovators in healthcare and in workforce development about the work they are doing.

Confirmed Panelists

Merilyn Rovira, Senior Vice President Capital/Strategic Initiatives, The Community Development Trust

Anne McCulloch, President and CEO, Housing Partnership Equity Trust

Unconfirmed Panelists

Additional participants from tech firms, heathcare, and workforce education and development will be invited.

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  1. this is EXACTLY the kind of bold integrated thinking we in local govt (i’m in Austin TX) need to be exploring as we spend $MM on recovery & resiliency!

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