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Traffick Jam Live – Join in and let’s Jam Human Trafficking Together

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TRAFFICK JAM LIVE is a blended pairing of non-profit and benefit corp. organizations connecting private and public entities with a purpose driven, social justice mission to disrupt modern day slavery, and human sex trafficking.  Traffick Jam Live will accomplish this mission through a series of annual global benefit concert broadcasts that raises both awareness and funding to support the world’s leading anti-human trafficking non-profits.


The intention of the session is to bring together several highly recognized and seasoned anti-modern day slavery abolitionists, a victim of sex trafficking here in the US and the producer of 2 Superbowl Halftime Shows and multiple MTV Music Awards and MTV Movie Awards.

Focus will be on 3 primary points:

  1.  What is and what are the stats on Modern Day Slavery / Human Trafficking in the US and globally
  2. How collaborative approaches to disrupting Human Trafficking are vital to effective impact.
  3. How Traffick Jam Live’s annual benefit concert broadcast, featuring headlining artists and celebrities, empowers multi-platform strategic partnerships that raises both awareness of human trafficking and funding to support the world’s leading anti-human trafficking organizations.

    TJL’s vision, already in motion, is to curate and inspire headlining artists, celebrities and professional athletes that draw global audiences to watch and listen to their captivating performances and compelling storytelling.  The worldwide impact of TJL’s messaging and fundraising creates outcomes that changes the lives of millions of the world’s most vulnerable people trapped in modern day slavery and human sex trafficking.

    TJL’s extraordinary year end 2020 production will shine a global spotlight on the evil shadow of modern day slavery. Together, through TRAFFICK JAM LIVE’s collaborative effort, we can make a difference and have an immediate impact disrupting human trafficking.

Confirmed Panelists

Traffick Jam Live
Join in and let’s Jam Human Trafficking Together

Unconfirmed Panelists

Salli Frattini (Former Executive Producer at MTV/Viacom/CBS)

Anna Babcock – Polaris

Donna Hubbard – Human trafficking survivor, activits and pastor, providing insight relative to human trafficking and survivor resources.

Gary Haugen – IJM

Other potential Anti-Trafficking Organization Participantsinclude: Love146, A21, Exodus Cry, Operation Underground Railroad, ECPAT etc.

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