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Asset Management’s Failure to Engage Communities of Color in the Management and Deployment of Assets

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When we speak of racial equity and inclusion in investments, both in the impact investing space as well as more traditional philanthropic investment, we must look at issues of power and access. This means an examination of who is holding and managing the investment of assets for people of wealth and means, as well as who has been allowed to manage the deployment of those assets into communities. 

Research commissioned by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Diverse Asset Management Project Firm Assessment (Lerner, Josh, et al) found that female and minority underrepresentation within asset management is endemic. Firms owned by minorities and women manage only 1.1 percent of the industry’s total $71.4 trillion in assets under management. 

In this session we’ll be joined by one of the few asset management firms led by a woman of color and their work in establishing new investments funds created and managed by People of Color. We’ll also look at philanthropic initiatives which allow all donors to live out their social values around racial justice and equity in their investments and giving as well as opportunities for families of color of wealth and means the opportunity to work with philanthropic advisors that look like their own community. 

Confirmed Panelists

Yvonne Moore, Moore Philanthropy & Moore Impact

Rachel Robasciotti, Robasciotti and Philipson

Unconfirmed Panelists

Valaida Fullwood, Author & Philanthropist, Co-Founder, New Generation of African American Philanthropists

Tiloma Jayasinghe, Executive Director, Donors of Color Network

Lola West, Trustee, Donors of Color Network

Ada Williams Prince, Senior Advisor, Program Strategy and Investments, Pivotal Ventures

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