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The Social Entrepreneurial State, a model for Developing Nations?

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Can I propose at this year’s virtual SOCAP conference, a session, the topic:

‘Re-imagining the Developing Country as a Social Enterpreneurial State’.

Below is an abstract reading e the proposed session.

The primary purpose of the State is the equitable, affordable & accessible provision of basic social services & public goods, in a fiscally sustainable format. This is especially critical & urgent for developing countries, and the Sustainable Development Goals are measurable signposts. These structures are classically *social entrepreneurial*, and are found in early manifestations of now Developed States.

Between 1965 and the late 80s, Singapore’s progress was underwritten by aggressively State led national development plan. This plan focussed on the efficient delivery of accessible social services and public goods in a fiscally responsible framework – the essence of a social entrepreneurial undertaking!

Currently Rwanda, a broken State in the late 90s, is witnessing impressive socio-economic progress, hailed by most as progressive and enhancing the dignity and quality of life for its citizens. Here again its guiding Vision 2030 mirrors ‘the Singapore Method’ – prioritising the expansion of physical and human capital enhancement in a financially and environmentally sustainable format. The core of the social entrepreneurial project!

And States where the government has taken the lead, coordinating key stakeholders and resources, privileging the health and well-being of its people (social value), versus hastily looking to return to ‘business’ (financial value), are most effectively combating COVID-19. This mode of prioritising  social value is philosophically, and practically, social entrepreneurial.

Thus, the session will interrogate the proposition that developing countries should intentionally frame themselves as Social Entrepreneurial States

Confirmed Panelists

1 American – Jed Emerson, SE guru & founder of Blended Value;

2 Italian – Luciano Balbo, founder, fmr Chair of the European Venture Philanthropy Association & European Venture Capital Association;

3 Nigerian – Dr Ahunna Eziakonwa, Regional Director (Africa) & Dep Director, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Unconfirmed Panelists

4 South American /Guyanese – Dr Bharat Jagdeo, for President, Republic of Guyana (tentative, subject to ongoing postre-election challenges),

alternative canvassed:

Ghanaian – Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana

5 Singaporean – Jack Sim, Founding President of the World Toilet  Council (unconfirmed )

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