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Renewable Energy for Global Health — How data and partnerships can transform health services

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Clean and reliable energy services sit at the nexus of healthcare delivery and improved health outcomes. In developing countries around the world, already strained health infrastructure is being pushed beyond capacity in order to meet the demands and challenges of COVID-19. This fireside chat will look at how one initiative, The Power Partnership, and one of it’s local Ugandan implementation partners, Mandulis Energy, are adapting their business models and building their partnerships in order to meet the evolving demands being placed on health centers that serve some of the most vulnerable and at-risk populations in Uganda (i.e. refugee settlements, host communities, rural communities) — hoping it can be an example for other countries in Sub-saharan Africa. 

During this fireside chat, the following topics will be explored:

  • Promoting local practitioners for delivering renewable energy solutions for critical services, primarily health care and agricultural
  • Advancing remote data collection to provide decision makers with an understanding of the energy needs of their facilities in order to begin planning for renewable energy procurement
  • Opportunities to modify current health care + energy models in developing countries to better serve at-risk and hard to reach populations
  • Challenges and opportunities at the interface between global health and energy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The benefits of sustainable clean energy solutions including improved economic livelihoods within the communities, increased mobility for healthcare workers, improved sanitation through solar powered water pumps, and enhanced opportunities to develop a data analysis and research database that will improve the resilience of health clinics in the future

Confirmed Panelists

Andrea Johnson – Executive Director, Green Empowerment

International community development NGO


Peter BenHur Nyeko – Co-Founder & Director, Mandulis Energy

Developer of renewable energy projects in emerging markets

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