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Designing a Mindfulness Impact Bond on anxiety in post-COVID’s uncertain times

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Today, the pandemic has had a major impact on the mental health of many across the world. KOIS, with its strong experience in the healthcare sector, is more motivated than ever to expand its work on mental health. We want to research the development of an Impact Bond to help broaden initiatives promoting anxiety reduction, namely in countries where such therapies are not as well reimbursed.

This session will be in the form of a collaborative design sprint, open for people with and without experience in innovative finance or health fields. We will use our extensive knowledge on the subject, as well as recent studies proving the use of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBTC) which is already reimbursed in the UK and Germany for treating anxiety and depression. Our aim is to create interaction using first a presentation of our knowledge, then guided discussion and interactive tools to discuss the following: “how can we structure an Innovative Finance mechanism aimed at anxiety reduction in post-COVID days, how to identify the segments of the economy that suffers most from anxiety and, based on this, which would be the potential outcome payers other than usual health insurers”

In terms of current KOIS content, while we cannot disclose all reports, you can get a view on our expertise through the following:
– In 2019, KOIS already worked on the subject specifically in India. The full report is not public, however a summary of our findings can be found here:
– KOIS is also in the midst of producing research and content on mental health and how innovative finance can help in this field, which will come out on our site in the following weeks.
– Moreover, our innovative finance and healthcare experience can be viewed through our portfolio:

We will also base this session on global reports and data depicting on one side the impact of COVID on mental health, as well as the impact of mental health issues on the economy; such as (but not limited to) the following:

These studies explain for instance the impact of mental health issues on the economy: analyses of economic and demographic data between 2008 & 2014 in the US found that a single extra poor mental health day in a month was associated with a 1.84 percent drop in the per capita real income growth rate, resulting in $53 billion less total income each year. They also show how COVID19 aggravates this issues, with studies finding that people are more concerned about impact of the pandemic on their mental health (from fear of increased anxiety, depression, stress, etc) than on their physical wellbeing.

Now is the time to raise the mental health issue on the agenda. Through this session, we will create a discussion with interested actors that will help to build an innovative finance solution. KOIS will later test its feasibility and hopefully launch it. This session would thus result in a concrete impact on people suffering from mental illness.

Confirmed Panelists

Charles-Antoine Janssen, co-founder & managing partner, KOIS, Belgium & India. Charles-Antoine spent 5 years at Merril Lynch London & held several management positions at UCB, notably in the M&A division. He currently remains a Board Member of UCB & Tubize. He also co-founded Toolbox, an NGO & volunteered in several others such as MSF or UNHCR. Charles-Antoine co-founded KOIS in 2010, with the aim to scale impact solutions through collaboration between the for-profit & not-for-profit sector. KOIS has since then contributed greatly in the health sector, in terms of investments, funds and innovative finance projects in developed and emerging countries. For all KOIS’s work, please see

Ilios Kotsou PhD, Co-founder of Emergence, Belgium. Ilios Kotsou intervenes on the themes of emotional intelligence, happiness, change and mindfulness. Doctor in psychology, trained in the Palo Alto approach and mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT), he has worked for more than fifteen years as an expert and trainer in the field of management. Author of various books on emotions and positive psychology, he is closely interested in the interactions between basic science and practice.

We are talking with other relevant professionals who could potentially join as co-speakers or moderators.

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