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-99% to 0% Return: The Untapped Market and how Recoverable Grants can Fund the Missing Middle

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This session will explore how recoverable grants can be used to capitalize impact funds and how the -99% to 0% return spectrum holds the key to unlocking higher-risk, more entrepreneur-friendly investments to social enterprises in the missing middle 

The session will examine how Beneficial Returns in partnership with Miller Center demonstrated the effectiveness of this strategy through the Truss Fund, designed to provide low-interest emergency bridge loans to social enterprises impacted by the COVID19 Crisis. And will offer a path forward for how a similar structure can be used to support social enterprises that have been overlooked by more traditional forms of capital.

Confirmed Panelists

Ted Levinson CEO Beneficial Returns


Unconfirmed Panelists

Biheng Zhang Director of Philanthropy at Pollinate Group

Ben Bisconti, Senior Advisor as AcelKKR

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