Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

Investment Capital and the Global Education Deficit: Investment opportunities to get more kids into better school in low-income countries

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263 million. 617 million. 800.

For those in the education sector these numbers are both familiar and daunting: the number of children out of school, the number children not meeting basic proficiency levels, the number of new schools that need to be built each day for 5 years just to accommodate out-of-school children. (All this was true before COVID-19 forced temporary school closures globally.)

‘Education for all’ isn’t a reality for millions of children.

Are there any opportunities for investment capital to make an impact on this massive global education deficit?

During this workshop, participants will brainstorm methods of investing at scale into the non-state school sector to increase the number of seats for children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. After a brief overview of the size and structure of the global non-state school sector and how they are financed, Andrew McCusker, Head of Opportunity EduFinance, and will facilitate discussion around key questions for establishing investment products:

  • Investability of independent schools or chains
  • Investing in education lenders: Fund structure vs. direct investment
  • Equity or debt: How can we offer difference sources of capital to non-state schools

This interactive workshop is geared towards impact investors, fund managers, advisors and others interested in solving for investment opportunities to impact education access.

Opportunity EduFinance currently works with 58 financial institution partners in 23 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. With over 15K schools and 120K parents currently borrowing education loans, EduFinance estimates 6.5M children have benefited to date from increased access to education through social finance. 

Confirmed Panelists

Andrew McCusker, Head of EduFinance, Opportunity International

As the Head of Opportunity EduFinance, Andrew is responsible for scaling Opportunity’s existing footprint and further evolving outreach and program strategy. Prior to joining Opportunity, Andrew served in the Corporate Finance team for Bridge International Academies, working with over 500 low-cost schools across Africa and Asia. Splitting time between London and Nairobi, Kenya, he worked with both investors and education providers, helping to conduct financial impact analyses of key business decisions for these schools and lift education standards. Andrew began his career at Goldman Sachs, serving as Executive Director of Global Investment Research where he managed relationships with investors and built an international team working in a number of low-cost markets.

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