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Indigenous perspectives on investment and business – models for a restorative economy

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We need different ways of doing business, that much is clear. More than coupling social and/or ecological criteria to typical business models, another way of thinking is required. How do Native business leaders think about social impact and enterprise from a cultural and multi-generation perspective? What is structurally different and unique about these perspectives and approaches? How are investors then invited to participate and what is the particular role of investor in these cases? This discussion will be grounded in the lived experience of people actively imagining and making a restorative economy that is accountable to cultural values, which inherently means being accountable to the restoration of one’s home territory as well. 


Confirmed Panelists

Wizipan Little Elk, REDCO/ Wolakota Buffalo Range

Jason Campbell, Sovereign Power

Vanessa Roanhorse, Roanhorse Consulting

Jessica Stago, Change Labs



Sonja Swift, Swift Foundation

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