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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Aligning Investors and Investees through Innovative Platforms

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This year, Toniic and the IMP+ACT Alliance launched new platforms to create greater transparency about the social and environmental performance of investment products and portfolios. Each platform leverages the IMP impact classification framework and together they have collaborated to ensure that the platforms are interlinked and non-duplicative. In this session, we will demonstrate these platforms and share lessons learned as we created a common structure for reporting investor intentions and outcomes, thus easing the reporting burden for issuers and making it easier for investors to shift more capital into positive impact.

Confirmed Panelists

Kristin Siegel, T100 Strategist (Moderator)

Melody Jensen, T100 Project Manager (Panelist)

Unconfirmed Panelists

Claudia Coppenolle, Co-Founder & CEO IMP+ACT Alliance (Panelist)

James Hicks, Impact Data Lead, Impact Management Project (Panelist)

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