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100% Mission-Aligned Endowments – Radical Change or Fiduciary Duty?

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Aligning 100% of a foundations’ endowment may seem like a radical change to some. In this session, hear from some of the pioneers proving that it’s not only possible, it could be the norm. This session will report the findings of the T100 Project which delved into their unique data set of impact investments in private wealth holders’ portfolios with a specific focus on foundations’ portfolios. Despite being only 23% of the total participants, foundations in this study represent in total $1.7 billion of committed capital, which represents 60% of the total committed capital of all portfolios in the study. You will also hear directly from some of the participants of the study and learn how they are overcoming misconceptions about impact investing while managing to go deeper with their impact while staying profitable, managing risk, and furthering their mission.

Confirmed Panelists

Melody Jensen, T100 Project Manager & Report Lead Author

Unconfirmed Panelists

Lisa & Charly Kleissner, KL Felicitas Foundation

James Perry, Panahpur

Ruth Shaber, Tara Health Foundation

Jim Sorenson, Sorenson Impact Foundation

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