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Crafting a shared narrative for our collective aspirations

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What unites us as a field?  Can we find a silver lining of common narrative from the health and economic crisis of Covid-19 and the moral crisis highlighted by the murder of George Floyd?  Join Miki Kashtan, the inventor of Convergent Facilitation, in a working session to craft a shared narrative that works for all participants and inspires those not yet in our broad movement to join.

Unconfirmed Panelists

MIki Kashtan is a gifted facilitator of messy processes and the originator of the process of “Convergent Facilitation.”  Convergent Facilitation provides a path to efficient, collaborative decision-making that is inclusive of all stakeholders, insuring that “outlier” voices are heard.  This session would be a working session to use Convergent Facilitation to start a process (which could be completed post SOCAP) of landing on a shared narrative to unite the participants in our field under a common narrative.  This probably takes at least 90 minutes, given the ambition.

I will approach Miki if the session is confirmed.  If she is not available, my second choice of facilitator would be Lisa Rothman.



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