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You know how EVERYONE wants to make videos these days?
During this session, I’m going to teach the audience how to make them interesting.

This session will be no more than 30 minutes (though I haven’t timed it yet).

One of the biggest hurdles people have when shooting video for their brand, business, or service isn’t the setup – it’s their performance IN FRONT of the camera.
They see the red light come on and they forget what to do with their hands.
They stare into the camera like they’re about to be hit by a Mack truck.
They speak off the top of their head, so they turn into a “Motor Mouth” trying to get all the thoughts out of their head – at once.

Enter Viva Voce Video, where I’ll walk you through my signature tips that’ll help you look as cool as Matt Damon, when you see that red record light.

This session will be for the person who is growing their YouTube, or want to produce an e-tutorial for their brand or business.
I’ve got a few hard-won tricks up my sleeve, that’ll cover such topics as:

  • The move that’ll make your editor REALLY HAPPY, when their chopping up your video in post
  • Tips to look like a charismatic, natural in front of the camera (even if you’re an introvert)
  • Tools that will eliminate the “ums”, “ahs”, and “whatevers” from your speech
  • And even some no-budget/low budget tips on lighting, your background, your attire, etc.

Afterwards – the thought leaders, changemakers, influencers, and overall badasses – will be able to show up, and show out for their audience.
The video presenter will come across as polished, put together, and entertaining.

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I’m running this video session solo.

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No other panelists or speakers.

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