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The (Secret) Key to Organizational Resilience: Stories of Personal Resilience

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A lesser-known secret to resilience in an organization is the personal resilience of its leaders. In this interactive session with both a panel and a mini-workshop, attendees will forge the link between personal and organizational resilience. From the pooled experience of both panelists plus audience, attendees will take away actionable lessons for putting resilience into practice, made memorable through the wisdom of stories.

The first two parts of the session will feature a moderated panel discussion of leaders whose resilience in their personal lives set the groundwork for resilience in their organizations. First, each panelist will share a story of how they overcame a challenge individually, what they learned, and how it shaped them.

In part two, each panelist will share another story, this time from their organization. They will describe how the team adapted, the obstacles to change, external forces (both good and bad), and the blessing and curse of entrepreneurial optimism. Panelists will discuss how their personal resilience has parlayed into their organization’s culture.

Part three will feature virtual “breakout rooms” in which attendees can share their own resilience stories and associate them with remarks made by the panelists. Attendees who wish to present in the breakout rooms will be asked to pre-submit a brief synopsis of their story in advance, to facilitate assignments across breakout rooms.

In part four, the mini-workshop, an experienced expert in building organizational resilience will share practical tips for how to survive a “nightmare scenario” for your organization. Through a lens of disaster planning, the panelist will guide the audience members through the process of imagining and planning for setbacks, and share best practices for enmeshing resilience into organizational culture.

We chose storytelling because it helps make emotionally-charged material more accessible and memorable. By transporting us into personalized situations, stories help us “experience” challenges in the safety of the imagined state and “remember” (assimilate) its lessons so that we, too, can become living examples of resilience.

This fast-paced session would work best in a timeframe of approx. 90 minutes

Confirmed Panelists

The session will be moderated and organized by Kate Stillwell, Founder and CEO of Jumpstart Insurance, whose startup survived in spite of losing a critical partner just days before their planned launch.

Panelist LeShane Greenhill is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on financial inclusion across all races and economic tiers of society.

Panelist Steve Eberlein is a tenured conference speaker on the topic of earthquake risk and  preparedness culture.

Panelist Maren Kate Donovan is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on building talent diversity in recruiting and operations.

Mini-workshop facilitator Fiona Raymond-Cox is a leading expert in business continuity and emergency planning including development of pandemic plans for organizations from small non-profits to Fortune 100 companies.

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