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Calling All Impact Investors: Let’s Pledge to Better Measure and Manage Negative Impact

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Can impact investing make a real difference? In the face of the health and economic disparities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need to address systemic racism, effective impact investing is needed now more than ever. But for the industry to rise to this moment and reach its potential, impact investors and business leaders must critically examine the ways they may be inadvertently contributing to the challenges we and our industry seek to solve. In this panel, participants will engage in a candid conversation about how focusing primarily on positive impacts and largely ignoring negative ones threatens the industry’s ability to drive meaningful progress. The discussion will focus on what should be expected of investors when assessing negative impacts, and will cover promising strategies to help address the gap in accounting for negative environmental and social externalities in current impact measurement and management (IMM) approaches.

Confirmed Panelists

  • PCV Moderator: Daniel Brett, Advisor
  • Shuaib Siddiqui, Director of Impact Investing, Surdna Foundation

Unconfirmed Panelists

  • PCV is leading research on emerging practices in measuring and managing negative impact, and is interviewing over 25 leading practitioners across the industry. Additional panelists will be selected from this group of interviewees.
  • Two potential participants:
    • Leticia Emme, Senior Manager, Global Impact Investing Network
    • Caitlin Rosser, Senior Officer, Calvert Impact Capital

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