Workshop (*With Breakout Rooms)

Radical Innovations in Gender Inclusion through Varied Investment Mechanisms in Asia-Pacific (with the Frontier Brokers Network)

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In a single year, the world misses out on approximately USD 160 trillion from those unable to fully participate in the global market due to gender inequality. Are you interested in understanding the distinct and varied financial vehicles being designed today to enable more equal participation in the global economy? Join a workshop with 7 impact investment firms leading the way in gender lens investing and eager to exchange learnings and ideas with you. 

Frontier Brokers is an initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s innovationXchange (DFAT iXc), which supports enterprises to scale their development impact. It brings together a network of firms from across the globe with specialised expertise in impact investing in Asia-Pacific. The ‘Brokers’ are implementing projects with varied investment mechanisms to stimulate capital reaching social enterprises, incorporating a gender lens in diverse ways. 

In this workshop, the Brokers will share how they have used innovation to radically change the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia-Pacific. We will hear from Stephanie Kimber, the Acting Director of DFAT iXc, on the groundbreaking lessons learnt so far from the Frontier Brokers, as well as other networks of incubators/accelerators and social enterprises supported by DFAT, including Frontier Incubators and Frontier Innovators. The session will also include a short animated video created by Frontier Brokers to introduce gender lens investing – a resource that will be made freely available for all participants to use. Representatives from Frontier Brokers will share insights from the financial and gender inclusion innovations of their own projects using interactive tools, such as polls and word clouds, to engage with participants. Then,  breakout rooms will allow for a deeper dive and an interactive discussion on the specifics of the investment mechanisms and shared insights from participants. A plenary Q&A will follow with moderated discussion drawing out overarching themes.

Confirmed Panelists

Stephanie Kimber (Acting Director, DFAT iXc)

Diana Tjoeng (Asia Regional Manager, Good Return)

Courtney Roberts (Principal, Moonshot Global)

Simba Marekera (Head of Investment Solutions, Brightlight Impact)

Alex Jarman (Head of Investment Advisory, Investing for Good)

Ramona Ridolfi (Program Manager, Athena Global Alliance)

Daniel Marantika (Business Development Manager, Athena Global Alliance)

Jennifer Chien (Director of Knowledge Management and Advocacy, IIX)

Francois Ritchot (Associate of Capital Advisory Services, Palladium)

Fifi Rashando (Impact Investment Manager, Good Return)

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