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Caroline Wanjiku: Strategist. Innovator. Pioneer.

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This fireside chat will be reminiscent of the phrase’s origin.

A conversation between Caroline Wanjiku and Shirish Shah where Caroline shares some of the many stories of her entrepreneurial evolution all while creating the easy intimacy of a small gathering.

During this fireside chat Caroline will cover:

  • The world belongs to she who is brave. Caroline is a role model to young people in general and young women specifically.
  • The importance of resilience. Caroline has overcome unimaginable obstacles on her way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • Equally prioritize profit and purpose. In a career defining moment for Caroline she was the first Kenyan entrepreneur to be selected to become a B Corp.
  • Remain teachable. As an innovator Caroline believes this is the most important trait a person can possess.
  • Are we in business to make money? To solve a problem? Or both! Caroline is a pioneer in shifting the narrative around business.
  • Social impact: help communities and change lives for young Africans. This concept embodies Caroline’s entire career thus far.
  • Identify social problems and CHANGE THEM! Caroline views the world through this lens and, as a result, is consistently an agent of change.

Confirmed Panelists

Caroline Wanjiku.

Caroline Wanjiku is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist. As the CEO of Daproim Africa Limited, Caroline established that there are very few employment opportunities for the youth and embarked on a mission to change this narrative. The Digital Campus Connect program was started with the intention of training and employing bright underserved University Students. Being a social entrepreneur, she understands the importance of Business being good for the world and was the first Kenyan entrepreneur to enlist her organization to be part of the B Corp movement. Later Daproim Africa was recognized globally as one of the organizations creating ripples as a ChangeMaker . Most recently Caroline has become COO of StepWise. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

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  1. This session summaries what an inclusive business is all about. That while remaining profitable it has changed many young people’s lives!!!!

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