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Cocktails for Climate Action! Join us to learn how to make tasty cocktails (and mocktails) while exploring the carbon footprint of consumer goods.

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Most of us know we need to reduce our carbon footprint to help mitigate the climate crisis. But many people don’t know what even counts towards their carbon footprint. For example, did you know that nearly 1/4 of your carbon footprint is made up of the stuff you buy?!

So we will take you through the carbon emissions life cycle of a couple of products…while teaching you to mix a few delicious (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) cocktails! We will dismantle the emissions as we build the drinks! We’ll teach you about the aspects of product production and distribution which have the highest carbon emissions, and offer suggestions on how you can choose products which help to lower your personal carbon footprint.

What we’re aiming to do is show one very important aspect required for living your most sustainable lifestyle – while also demonstrating that sustainability, and conversations around this subject, needn’t be difficult or boring. Globally, we need to engage the masses with living more sustainably, and we think that we can do that in a way which encourages conversation between friends.

Join us for Cocktails for Climate Action!

Confirmed Panelists

Ben Gilkes – Founder of swrm. Ben worked for 15 years as an ocean engineer, specializing in the offshore energy industry. However, he decided to turn his enviable mathematical and engineering skills to a better cause – fighting the climate crisis! He is Australian but now lives in New York City.

Chrystal Gilkes – Co-Founder of swrm. Chrystal worked for years as an emergency room nurse, but wanted to find a way to address the climate crisis beyond her own actions. So she switched her attention from patients with a fever to the warming of our beautiful planet. She is Australian and lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two young girls.

Meghan Partridge – Content Manager for swrm. Meghan has extensive experience in communications – writing and producing content in various formats in a way which is easily digestible and motivating. She’s passionate about fighting for climate justice and also happens to be a bartender/mixologist extraordinaire! Meghan is native to New York.

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  1. Swrm is very informative and helpful in showing ways to raise our awareness of what we as individuals can do.

    1. Hi Janice! Thank you for your kind words – the exactly why were aiming to achieve! We appreciate your support!

      Chrystal and the swrm Team

    2. Hi Janice! Thank you for your kind words – that’s exactly what we’re aiming to achieve! We appreciate your support!

      Chrystal and the swrm Team

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