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Hacking Growth Stage Financing to Impact Widespread Change; Racially, Environmentally and Socially

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Can single asset syndicate structures democratize access for diverse individual investors to back some of the most valuable companies focused on solving societal and environmental challenges?

The next tech unicorns will be high growth high impact companies that will utilize breakthrough technologies to solve environmental and societal problems in a profitable and scalable way. However, the capital markets model especially in the later stage financing landscape tends to be in the hands of non-diverse money managers. This needs to change not just to equalize the playing field for an inclusive financing landscape but also for ventures who are actively looking for a diverse investor base that can bring smart capital, fresh perspectives, ground-up insights, expertise, and network access in domestic and international markets.

The panel will look to address the surge of interest from diverse individual investors to back such breakthrough technologies focused on environmental and societal challenges and explore if syndicate structures can lower barriers for investors to participate in Series A & Beyond technology ventures. This innovative growth financing structure is built on the emergence of two crucially important trends in impact investing: redesigning an investor base to build inclusivity in the capital ecosystem and encouraging collaboration between funders (designing a leaned-in and a venture aligned community) to amplify impact, accelerate venture growth, and revolutionize capital markets

Confirmed Panelists

Seema Alibhai – Senior Director, Media & Communications, Unreasonable Group (Facilitator)

Aunnie Patton Power -Founder, Intelligent Impact

Pratibha Vuppuluri – Managing Director, Global Portfolio, Unreasonable Group

Unconfirmed Panelists

Stacy Flynn – CEO, Evrnu

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