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The Equality Accelerator: Funding Girl-Led Organizations

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With less than 1% of international development funding going to women-led organizations, it can be challenging – in some cases, nearly impossible – for girl-led organizations to finding funding for their programming, activism and advocacy efforts. There are lots of databases for funding that already exist; however, they are not youth-friendly and lack the flexible funding options that are specific to girls and their needs.

So what does a girl-friendly database look like?

Through a series of consultations, girl entrepreneurs and activists told Plan International* what they needed to be successful. The result is the Equality Accelerator – a database of funding built by girls, for girls. Backed by Plan International, Mama Cash, CIVICUS, Frieda and other partners, the Equality Accelerator is being piloted in Brazil and Guatemala. It contains traditional grant funding, as well as crowdfunding and resources for mobilization, self-organizing and build campaigns. Key learnings are being used from a recent youth competition for flexible funding for girl- and youth-led groups in response to COVID-19 in West Africa, which generated over 1,300 applications.

This panel will discuss the key features of the database that make it girl-friendly and how the pilot is going. In addition, it will address the internal processes that organizations should be prepared to work on should they want to fund youth-led initiatives.

Funding for girl-led organizations is critical during crises like COVID-19. As resources are diverted to pandemic response, girls get left out and left behind again and again and again. The Equality Accelerator aims to end this cycle.


*Plan International is an international development and humanitarian organization that focuses on girls’ rights in more than 75 countries.


Confirmed Panelists

Moderator: Tessie San Martin, CEO & President, Plan International USA

Dr. San Martin leads Plan International USA, an international humanitarian and development organization that partners with adolescent girls, children, and donors around the world to overcome oppression and gender inequality.

Panelist: Georgia Booth, Head of Youth Advocacy and Activism, Plan International

Expert in girl-centered programming, young feminist movement building, partnerships and participatory grant-making with experience in human rights, international development organisations and corporate foundations.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Girl from Brazil or Guatemala, Equality Accelerator Consultant/User – Learn from an actual user of the Equality Accelerator to better understand why and how it works.

Financial backer (Mama Cash, CIVICUS or Frieda) – Hear why it is important for investors to engage girl-led organizations.

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