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A Home for Human Potential: The Viable Impact Investing Proposition of Affordable Housing in Africa and Asia

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This session is led by Reall, an innovator and investor in affordable housing for people on low incomes in urban Africa and Asia. Through an interactive and engaging discussion, Reall and key collaborators – such as Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), the World Bank, and in-country housing delivery partners – will showcase affordable housing in emerging markets as a commercially viable impact investing proposition.

At least 1.2 billion people live in substandard housing and 300 million new homes are needed by 2030 – this deficit is expanding exponentially with 90 per cent of the entire urban growth this decade set to occur in Africa and Asia.

We have proved the concept of a commercially and environmentally viable $10K house. We know urbanisation can work for people living on low incomes in emerging markets across Africa and Asia and we need to crowd-in the private sector to take this solution to scale.

Covid-19 has highlighted the direct link between healthcare and housing, especially in terms of resilience, rebuilding, and recovery. Although the demand is huge, there has been little investment at scale for affordable housing in Africa and Asia. This despite affordable housing being a doorway to addressing 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Affordable housing drives macroeconomic growth, job creation, financial inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Reall are market leaders with 30-years’ experience and financial investment from the British and Swedish governments alongside a well-developed partner network in Africa and Asia. Reall show that unlocking housing for the bottom 40% of the income pyramid represents an untapped and uncrowded $17 trillion market and investment in affordable housing delivers a ‘triple bottom line’ for people, for profit and for the planet.

Through an innovative, passionate, and interactive discussion, this session will showcase the investable potential of affordable housing by market leaders and sector experts. Attendees will be motivated by the pioneering opportunity, the potential for scale, profit, and impact.

Together, we can build a home for human potential.

Confirmed Panelists

Ian Shapiro, Chief Executive, Reall

Eje Esangbedo, Head of Investor Relations, Reall

Luis Triveno, Senior Urban Development Specialist and Head of the Global Program for Resilient Housing, World Bank

Ylva Schwinn, Programme Specialist, WASH, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

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  1. I believe the viability of a $10K house should be thoroughly pursued across all humanitarian channels, no more exposed than the current Covid 19 crisis.

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