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Direct Community Capital. Investing in Main Street

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What kind of investor do you aspire to be, and how do you become that investor?

A brief Fireside Chat with two community capital experts as they present Case Studies around community capital which refers to investment capital invested by individuals (nonaccredited and accredited) and institutions (whose capital is coming from individuals) into businesses and nonprofits. Because of Revalue’s demographics most will be rooted in Michigan.

These Case Studies will develop conversations in facilitated breakout sessions  around local, direct community investments. What went well, what were the challenges, how is the ecosystem supporting this engagement, or not. What resources are needed for improved outcomes. How is my investment values present?

Confirmed Panelists

Angela Barbash, (speaker) She is the co-founder of Revalue, a registered investment advisory firm located in Michigan that serves individual investors interested in values-alignment and investing locally. She has 16 years’ experience as a financial advisor and has been a key leader in the community capital movement in Michigan.


Unconfirmed Panelists

Chris Miller, is the lead economic developer for the City of Adrian, Michigan. Chris speaks across the nation on economic development strategies, notably on investment crowdfunding, public-private partnerships, and the community capital movement. He led Michigan’s investment crowdfunding law, working with advocates in the legislature and across the state.

Facilitators are unconfirmed

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