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The Odd Couple – The Power of Unlikely Partnerships

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Unlikely partnerships between large scale corporations and social innovators are more than just the opportunity to foster goodwill and brand affinity – these two unique allies can create sustainable, scalable solutions that are on the leading edges of technology, tackling the world’s toughest social and environmental problems and amplifying impact.

As the world continues to face the biggest social and environmental upheaval in recent history, venture-backed technology companies that are working to drive transformative change for a more equitable society whilst meeting financial objectives has never been more critical.  

By helping build ecosystems of support, broadening the reach, deepening the impact and extending their growth, big businesses are also playing a role in improving society. But how can these forms of collaboration, between large corporates and social enterprises, be created and made successful?

  • How do successful partnerships between social entrepreneurs and big business get going?
  • What are the essential building blocks involved?
  • What are the challenges that might arise moving forward?
  • What are the benefits and costs of partnering with social enterprises?

The Fireside chat will address how corporates forge relationships with purpose-driven companies who are challenging the status quo and imagining new possibilities and share best practices for a successful collaboration.

Confirmed Panelists

Mark Thain, Director, Social Innovation Barclays

Daniel Epstein, CEO and Founder, Unreasonable Group

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