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Monitoring & Evaluation Post-COVID: How Do We Do It More Equitably?

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Funders and Founders do the dance of reporting and oversight:  sharing enough data to prove compliance and progress – and bounding the time sink.  But what new moves do we need to make when site visits are not possible?  How do we keep our lines of sight open, when we cannot be on the ground or connect on a video call to see what is happening and talk with community members and local stakeholders?  How can we put equity at the core of our work?

We’ll begin with a conversation among a grant funder providing resources, two social ventures applying that finance, and a representative of the customers (local grocery shop owners) and contract workers (craftswomen in informal settlements) accessing more services and job opportunities from those companies – and lacking digital access.

Then we’ll break out into small groups, to explore a few key questions* on how we can change our ways of monitoring and evaluating to better meet the needs of all parties – and shift the relationship paradigm from top-down to equal partnering.

Our goal is to come up with new best practices in M&E, to increase agency and equity.  These will come from our learning and your ideas and new ways of working.

*  Questions may include: 

  1. How can we define success together, so that reporting better reflects both the funder’s immediate compliance needs and the grantee’s improved business processes for future success?
  2. How are you (or can you be) incorporating cultural competency – along gender, education, and socio-economic lines – to carry out your monitoring work?
  3. How can we include relationship building in our M&E systems, so that encourage “more than data-gathering?

Confirmed Panelists

Michele Rivard, Director of Special Initiatives, U.S. African Development Foundation (funder)

Mmabatho Mokiti, Co-Founder, Redshift Local Store Connector, South Africa (grocery shopping), and Founder and CEO, Mathemaniacs, CSR and M&E Consultancy (impact and M&E)

Nasreen Ali, Founder and CEO, Afrikapu (handicrafts), Kenya, and Co-Founder, Cherehani Africa (asset finance)

Unconfirmed Panelists

SME owner taking part in Redshift and/or Artisan selling products through Afrikapu

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