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Impact Investing and Giving at Scale: A Systems Shift in Values and Behaviors for Good

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Join us for a conversation around impact investing and giving at scale to ensure a “better normal” not just a “new normal.”

Building for generations and exacerbated by a global pandemic, the systemic inequities experienced by our most vulnerable people and communities are at the forefront of conversation. The time is now to shift our cultural beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors to create a pathway toward the world we aspire to live in.

Panelists will contemplate answers to key questions:

  • What does real change require?
  • Is traditional philanthropy dead?
  • Can impact investing really drive social good?
  • Is technology the answer?
  • Who decides?

Together we will define specific strategies and scalable solutions that can enable swift, courageous, and vulnerable action toward an economy that drives positive change.

Confirmed Panelists

Carolyn Allwin, Co-founder, Recap Investing
Gloria Benedikt, Project Leader Science and Art, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Keith Leaphart, Founder, Philanthropi
Greg Hagin, Managing Director and Partner, CCS Fundraising (Moderator)

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  1. I know that this important topic with its expert panelists will meet this moment with a lively discussion around impactful giving and investing at scale.

  2. I hear a lot about systems change, but interested to hear about aligning this approach to a potential values shift amplified by the global pandemic.

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