Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

Go to your room! Exploring the puzzle of learning and working in the 21st century

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Imagine you have a chance to experience different worlds in just 90 minutes. 

Under the spell of immersive theatre rules, participants gathered in small groups will travel through different online rooms showing alternative future realities -some Utopian, some Dystopian-  about how we will learn and work in the future. 

In some rooms, they will be welcomed by a host  -who happens to be a young social innovator – that will share a life lesson from working in places where everything is more difficult and yet the future is in the making. In others, they will have to immerse in the story in order to solve a challenge collaboratively. Finally, all participants will gather in a final chance to debate and share lessons learned. 

By engaging in this experience, participants will get the chance to interact with others meaningfully, avoiding awkward small talk, learning something new and getting a chance to meet some of the young changemakers transforming the world right now.

Confirmed Panelists

Facilitators for this session include three of our best learning experience designers and facilitators: Agustin Batto, who led the experience design and facilitated Unesco’s first interactive session between young people and Heads of State in 2019. Rodrigo Gallego, experience designer for Eidos and Minerva KGI and Lucia Burtnik, lead experience designer for the Youth20 summit 2018.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Some of the young social innovators to join the rooms are:

Spandana Palaypu (Dubai, 26), who created a platform to bridge the gap between employers and blue collar workers in the middle east, eradicating exploiting middlemen.

Dickel Dia (Mauritania, 28), founder of AFPHY, an organisation promoting gender equality in Mauritania. In October 2019, they launched the D-WIRA initiative, a project that promotes education, self-employment, equal rights, and the fight against gender-based violence and discrimination across rural areas.

John JairoMarisol Annelisse Torrez Daza (Bolivia, 25) founder of Peque Innova, an organization focused on giving children an inspiring and transformative education trough workshops in a wide array of STEAM fields that allows them to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in order to have access to better opportunities in the future.

John Jairo (Kenya, 23) founder of O’learn, a project focused on bridging education inequality gaps and youth unemployment in the rural communities of Kenya.

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