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Stop the Wealth Extraction: at the Intersection of Gender Equality and Climate Solution

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Impact is very personal and we may have differences in opinion on what is most pressing, however there are global issues that unite us. Gender equality and climate change are two such issues. 

In the pursuit of gender equality, have we limited ourselves by only focusing on financial and commercial measures of equality such as the gender pay gap and workforce diversity? What about the outsized impact that extractive industries, their supply chains, and business practices have on women and girls? 

In the pursuit of climate solutions, has gender-based analysis been sufficiently applied? 

While designing the Equality Fund’s investment strategy and seeding a newly created public markets investment product at the intersection of gender equality and climate solutions, we encountered challenges and different perspectives. In this session, we invite a group of proponents of gender equality with diverse perspectives and approaches to the issues, to unearth different perspectives on how a gender lens cuts across climate issues and likewise how climate change impacts gender equality.

It is not often that proponents of gender equality spanning the investment industry, philanthropy, and feminist movements are on the same stage discussing these issues. Our intention is to host a dynamic, engaging, intersectional conversation that will equip attendees with new knowledge and an integrated lens, and to help attendees advance their own work in the areas of gender equality and climate solutions.

Confirmed Panelists

Bonnie Foley-Wong, Head of Investment Strategy, Equality Fund will host and moderate a conversation with a diverse group of participants representing gender and climate data analytics, global feminist organizations, foundations, financial institutions, and impact investors.

Unconfirmed Panelists

To give an idea as to who we’d love to have represented at this session, we are contemplating inviting representatives, with whom we have prior relationships and partnerships, from:

  • A leading organization providing data and insights on gender equality in corporations.
  • An organization that supports global feminist movements working to achieve gender justice and women’s human rights.

We also propose inviting representatives from a foundation, a global financial institution, and/or an impact investment firm. We will confirm participants at a later date. 

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  1. Important panel to deepen inquiry and thinking on intersect between gender equality and climate justice

  2. Great session idea to keep building the business case for gender and climate as there is still a lack of understanding of opportunities at the nexus. Gender and Environment considerations in business design, planning, and investment considerations and processes will help economic activities transition from unsustainability, value extraction, and wealth-depletion, towards sustainable, transformative, and regenerative value.

  3. Importance of collecting lived experiences of women and other genders on their lives/livelihood due to climate change

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