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  • Either a series of vignettes and/or short films
  • Spotlighting the “new” changemakers in sub Saharan African – religious order sisters
    • Scope: Ten Eastern and Central Africa where more than 30,000 Catholic Sisters serve some of the most marginalized people on the planet.
  • Highlighting and storytelling:
    • Sisters Charism (a charism is a spiritual gift or talent granted by God to the recipient not primarily for his own sake but for the benefit of others). In SOCENT world, it would be “passion” or the “why”
    • Transformational experience moving from charity models to revenue based business to support their congregations those they serve using social entrepreneurship
    • Highlighting the Sisters’ discernment process 
    • Sisters’ journey to impact in the new system of understanding and thinking
    • Sister’s congregations have chosen to work in the area of coffee farming, chicken/poultry, primary school education with social entrepreneurship skills training, and medical clinics
    • Sisters’ are not starting new with their businesses, they are using the replication model
  • Film styles will be a combination of voice over, interviews, moving and still images of both practical and field work of the sisters and SOCENT’s

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