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Investing in a More Resilient Food System

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COVID-19 has tested the resiliency of our food system, completely disrupting the food supply chain and bringing much-needed urgent attention to the longtime realities of food waste and hunger. As an increasing number of Americans face food insecurity, how can we meaningfully invest in and develop sustainable business models and technologies that use human-centered design to address these ongoing challenges? Experts and innovators on the front lines of COVID’s food crisis will discuss how what we learned in the immediacy of the pandemic can inform how we build a more resilient and equitable food system in the long-term.

Confirmed Panelists

Moderator: Alexandria Coari, Capital and Innovation Director, ReFED


Ja’Sent Brown, Chief Impact Officer, DC Central Kitchen

Elizabeth Washburn-Surti, Senior Principal, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Unconfirmed Panelists

Panelist: Christine Moseley, Founder + CEO, Full Harvest

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