Large Workshop Format (*500+ Participants)

Attract More Funding and Customers by Putting Story at the Heart of Your Marketing and Communications

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Learn the StoryBridgeTM methodology that has helped social entrepreneurs around the world craft core stories that resonate deeply with those who will determine the ultimate success of a social enterprise: your customers and funders.

After this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Speak confidently about your work in a way that feels both authentic to you while being highly relevant to potential funders and customers
  • Set yourself apart from alternative solutions and investment options so you can stand out from the crowd in a noisy marketplace
  • Articulate your impact and the role you play in the larger ecosystem in way that is clear and memorable
  • Attract ideal funders and customers who can’t wait to work with you to get the results they are seeking
  • Create space for conversations that ignite action so you can secure more funding, close more sales, and scale your impact to reach more of the people who will benefit from what you provide

Take your marketing and communications to the next level by learning the key building blocks of the StoryBridgeTM. Armed with this framework, you’ll be able to better weave your experience into all of your messaging so you can connect with more ideal funders and customers to scale your impact.

This workshop is designed for founders, CEO’s, and leadership team members of purpose-driven organizations.

Confirmed Panelists

Danielle Sutton

Danielle Sutton is a coach who guides social entrepreneurs on the journey of designing focused, thriving social enterprises so they can make a greater impact on the world. As founder of The Sedge and co-creator of The Captivate Method, her expertise is sought-after by impact events, purpose-driven organizations, and learners of all ages. With an undergrad in business, specialization in social entrepreneurship, and participation in a world-class accelerator, she lives for conversations with impact entrepreneurs that lead to aha moments and breakthroughs​.

Adam Force

Adam Force is a burnout survivor and an activist at heart. After working at WebMD for 10 years as the Director of Strategic Marketing, he started a second business – Change Creator. Change Creator is an educational media platform that helps conscious entrepreneurs change the status quo through its courses, a podcast with over 200 expert interviews — including Muhammud Yunus, Blake Mycoskie, Seth Godin and more — and a premier digital magazine (with 30 editions reaching 135 countries).

Amy Aitman

With a professional writing degree, faced with no job prospects, and at the height of the biggest recession in recent history, Amy did what most sane people do – start a business, of course. With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Amy is part scrappy entrepreneur, part storyteller. Her desire to help others tell their stories and scale their digital marketing grew into her first business, 8mencan, and now she’s thrilled to help impact entrepreneurs create and live more meaningful lives using business as a tool for social change.

Unconfirmed Panelists

If selected, we will invite two entrepreneurs who have applied the StoryBridgeTM framework in their businesses to share how they did it and the impact it has generated for their clients and beneficiaries.

(Exact entrepreneurs TBC once the workshop time and date is confirmed, based on availability to join. We commit to ensuring gender diversity and racial diversity in the final participant make-up.)

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