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Using Shareholder Engagement to Make Change Happen

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In spring 2020, Dr. Lisette Cooper, Vice Chair of Fiduciary Trust International, was a lead filer on a shareholder resolution at Facebook asking the company to avoid further legal, regulatory, advertiser and consumer fallout by “assessing the risk of increased sexual exploitation of children as the Company develops and offers additional privacy tools such as end-to-end encryption.” Her campaign against the largest online platform for child abuse and exploitation generated over 65 media articles across four continents and resulted in 42.8% of non-management votes in favor of the resolution. This session will share ideas for active advocacy among shareholders and explore how to Make Change Happen.

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Dr. Lisette Cooper, Vice Chair, Fiduciary Trust International.

Dr. Cooper became vice chairman of Fiduciary Trust International following the company’s acquisition of Athena Capital Advisors, LLC in a merger transaction in March 2020. She founded Lincoln, MA-based Athena Capital in 1993 and served as its managing partner and chief investment officer. Dr. Cooper also led the firm’s investment committee. Dr. Cooper and her Athena Capital team developed an endowment investing approach to building diversified portfolios for a variety of clients, including high-net-worth clients and their families. They also specialize in risk management, quantitative investment management, outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) services, and family office support.  Dr. Cooper and her Athena Capital colleagues have been pioneers in the fields of impact investing and socially responsible investing (SRI), having helped clients align their investment portfolios with their social values since 2005.

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