Facilitated Community-Building and Networking

IMPROV – from the stage to real interchanges

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Improv for everyone!  Join us for some fun all- and small-group exercises, and take the time to think and act differently with your SOCAP community members.  Who wants to speed up the time between meeting a person and making a real connection?  How can we break down walls, build trust, and get to collaborating faster – while having fun?  Join us for this first-time at SOCAP interactive gathering, with all bars to entry removed.

Confirmed Panelists

Michele Rivard, day job of streamlining foundation operations and advising young entrepreneurs; passion work of brainstorming, connecting and collaborating with lots of groups, and mentoring social impact founders.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Inder Takhar, polyglot, mountaineer, and venture capitalist, who asks excellent, probing questions.

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