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🥊The Resilience Habit for Social Entrepreneurs🥊

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Social entrepreneurs live on a mixture of intuition, guts, passion, and smarts. The ability to pivot quickly in the face of a crisis–like COVID–is a key source of resilience. But as organizations grow and mature, the fast pivot becomes harder to pull off. Resilience becomes more about studying the future to understand risks and opportunities before they emerge. 

But who the hell has time or money for that when you’re busy saving the world? Instead of putting off future thinking until there’s time (there won’t be) or pouring all your hopes into one big strategic planning effort, build up the habit of foresight incrementally and systemically in your social enterprise.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll teach you how to use Forward Calibration–a super-simple foresight framework to prepare for risks and opportunities that could emerge in the next few months or years. By using the framework once, you’ll identify concrete actions that you can take to prepare for different scenarios. Using the framework repeatedly builds your capacity to sense risks and opportunities before they emerge.

In this workshop, you’ll work in a small team of participants to use Forward Calibration on a real-world social enterprise case study. We’ll be soliciting case studies for the workshop from interested participants in the months leading up to SOCAP Open. If you have a particular social venture idea or operation that you’d like us to run Forward Calibration on, send us a message! We may assign one of the workshop teams to work on your challenge and share their findings with you afterwards.

Participants will leave the workshop with everything they need to run Forward Calibration in their own work!

Confirmed Panelists

Shar Shahfari (she/her) is the Director of Foresight and Strategy at Plural Futures Lab. Shar is a human-centered design and strategic foresight expert with over a decade of experience partnering with senior leaders in government, non-profits, startups and Fortune 500 companies specializing in strategic planning, process optimization, product/service design, and business model innovation. Shar has led interdisciplinary teams through the application of Strategic Foresight frameworks to design and execute future-proof processes, services, and strategies that create impact at the individual, organizational and systems levels. Shar holds an MBA in Strategic Foresight and Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts, and a BA in Psychology from University of California of Irvine.

Frank Gallivan (he/him) is Plural Futures Lab’s Director of People Systems. For the past 15 years, Frank has supported businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in strategizing for their preferred futures. His work blends the technical, detail-oriented rigor needed to analyze and organize systems with the empathy-based research and facilitation skills that ensure that humans are included in and served by the futures we create. Frank is passionate about helping clients develop and integrate design and futures-oriented methods of knowing and doing into their organizations. He holds an MBA in Strategic Foresight and Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts, a Master of City Planning from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelors Degree (summa cum laude) from Dartmouth College.

Unconfirmed Panelists

A representative from a non-profit or social enterprise that has used Forward Calibration with their team

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