Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

How Women Can Help Shape the Future of Impact Investing

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Research shows that women are overwhelmingly interested in investing according to their values. Yet the gap persists between aspiration and action when only 40% of women have integrated sustainability into even a fraction of their investments and only 18% of high net worth (HNW) women have made impact investments. Women play a forceful role in philanthropy, but too few think of themselves as investors and recognize the power of their financial assets to make an impact on issues that matter. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, economic crisis, and racial awakening that has revealed the inequity of our capital markets and highlighted the need for big change, we need women – more than ever – to bring their values and perspectives to the table and help shape the new economy that emerges.

How do we galvanize more women to step up to this opportunity? To question the assumptions of traditional investing, challenge their advisors, banks and corporate retirement administrators, and influence their partners and peers?  How do we engage women across all demographics and wealth levels?  And in so doing, how can we build a movement of women who lead the way in developing the field at large and ensuring that our capital markets are inclusive and transformative?  In this workshop, we’ll learn about some existing strategies and opportunities, including Invest for Better Circles, and the We Are Enough initiative, and explore other innovative approaches to inspire engagement, action and the movement of capital.

Confirmed Panelists

Ellen Remmer – Champion for Invest for Better and Senior Partner at The Philanthropic Initiative

Tracy Gray – Managing Partner of the 22 Fund, Founder of We Are Enough

Kathleen McQuiggan – Leader of Invest for Better Circle and Women & Wealth Advisor, Artemis Financial Advisors

Kristin Hayden – Co-leader of Invest for Better Circle and Leader in Politics/Coalition Building/Strategic Partnerships @ Ignite and ReflectUS


Unconfirmed Panelists

Geeta Aiyer – President of Boston Common Asset Management


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