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It’s not a pipeline problem: developing emerging fund managers

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The dual, intertwined pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism have awoken many to the need for an economic system that works better for all. And that the next system shouldn’t be designed by the same set that made or largely benefit from the obviously broken one! 

Boston Impact Initiative and Mission Driven Finance have found no shortage of promising impact fund managers-in-training to change the face of finance and ultimately the kinds of investments that get made.

Their fund building cohort and community finance fellowship respectively are developing diverse financial leaders and shifting systems. Through these programs and other services, BII & MDF address three critical components to usher in the next system we need–individual technical training, access to key networks, and shared infrastructure to achieve necessary scale. 

In this session, we’ll have a dialogue about the different approaches taken and then break out into groups to discuss.

Confirmed Panelists

  • Deborah Frieze, Founder & President, Boston Impact Initiative
  • Lauren Grattan, Co-Founder & Director of Community Engagement, Mission Driven Finance
  • Aliana Pineiro, Director of Impact, Boston Impact Initiative
  • Carrie Stokes Holst, Senior Manager of Impact & Borrower Services, Mission Driven Finance

Unconfirmed Panelists

A set of Mission Driven Finance’s inaugural community finance fellowship and Boston Impact Initiative’s fund building cohorts will participate.

  • James Johnson-Piett, Principal & CEO, Urbane Development; BII Fund Building Cohort participant
  • Jennifer Ching, Executive Director, North Star Fund; BII Fund Building Cohort participant
  • Vanessa Roanhorse, CEO, Roanhorse Consulting; Co-Founder, Native Women Lead; BII Fund Building Cohort participant
  • Nikishka Iyengar, Founder & CEO, The Guild; BII Fund Building Cohort participant
  • Louise Jordan, MDF Community Finance Fellow
  • Andrew Moncada, MDF Community Finance Fellow
  • Benson Ochira, MDF Community Finance Fellow
  • Essence Rodriguez, MDF Community Finance Fellow
  • Crystal Sevilla, MDF Community Finance Fellow

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