Workshop (*With Breakout Rooms)

Attracting managers, mentors and impact funds to steer a, true and inclusive, green revolution in food production in South America

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We propose a session via Zoom with breakout rooms with a mentor/coordinator in each room where we put together, experienced people from the impact investing world/ and ecological food production/distribution with entrepreneurs and agroecological farmers from the region (these we need to invite at a lower fee, if possible).

At Mayma we can organize and attract the mentors and the farmers, although we would love help to attract mentors from your base of allies and friends.

At Mayma we have experience of 4 years, organizing conferences and courses online and via Zoom so we can manage, and we are bilingual also. Our mission is to forge a new economy, that is regenerative, inclusive and collaborative, for 14 years we have organized a program for triple impact entrepreneurs. and This year we launched Mayma Bio, our first program, designed especially for farmers who want to transition to agroecology, and for entrepreneurs in the green and ecological foods value chain.

We are always looking for partner and investors for our entrepreneurs to help us grow in Latam.

We would invite farmers and speakers mostly from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia, where we are working right now.

Our main objective with this session: to link together ecological farmers of Latam, and link them to out of the box thinkers from other parts of the world, as well as investors who might help us all accelerate the change toward clean and healthy food production in the region.


Confirmed Panelists

Margarita Carlés, Facilitator. Founder of Mayma, and Equitas Ventures, a small impact investing fund in Argentina.

Alvaro Bronstein. Facilitator. General Manager of Mayma and co founder of Emprediem, Chile.

Martina Walter, Facilitator. Mayma Team.


We have no confirmed participants since we are only proposing this today.






Unconfirmed Panelists

I need to understand if the speakers need to speak English. Some of the possible speakers, who are allies of Mayma:

Remo and Irmina Venica, leaders of the agroecological movement in South America, and managers of a successfull family business, a biodynamic farm, Granja Naturaleza Viva, Santa Fe, Argentina. An interview from FAO:,

Ricardo Parra, president of MAPO. Movimiento Argentino para la Producción Organica and founder of Las Quinas, an organic honey producer.

Nicolas Cock Duque, EcoFlora, Colombia.

Juan Ignacio Gerardi. Bioconexion, Jujuy, Argentina

Enrico Cresta. Co founder of Pampa Organica (a group of extensive organic producers), and an extensive organic producer himself, (corn, wheat and soybean). Cordoba, Argentina.

We have a longer list..

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