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USA Ambassador Pyatt talks Greece’s flourishing eco startup environment!

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Once considered the black sheep of Europe due to its financial crisis  & economic collapse, Greece has rebounded the past year with its business friendly push by the new administration and its capable handling of the coronavirus making Greece one of the safest countries to visit for guests & tourists alike.

Talking about the transition to improving its world competitiveness as shown in a recent study, Amnassador Pyatt is interviewed by Greek-American journalist Aliz Koletas-Panagopoulos talking about how the flourishing startup environment is helping show the world that Greece is open for business!

Confirmed Panelists

Geoffrey Pyatt- US Ambassador to Greece

Aliz Koletas-Panagopoulos, Greek-American journalist living in Greece & working on a social enterprise startup that will use sustainable tourism to drive social responsibility with the goal of helping Greek residents!

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